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We Stopped Accepting Donation for Fighting COVID-19

Dear members and friends,

After three weeks of hard work and careful consideration of the current situation, we decide to stop accepting the donation, effective April 12th, 2020, for the fundraising event “fight with COVID-19.” The PayPal link for donation is also removed from our webpage.

With your generosity, we have raised $ 47,927 from 282 donors by 9 PM on April 12th. Net the Paypal fees of $794.78, the amount is $ 47,132.22. 

So far, we have purchased 39,500 surgical masks, 1,000 KN95 masks, 230 bottles of hand sanitizer, 60 boxes of medical gloves. We also received about 2,800 surgical masks, 240 N95 masks and a few cleaning wipes from various donors. Most of the supplies were sent to 11 hospitals, one nursing home, one police department, and one church, etc. 

We will keep the effort going,  all remaining supplies and fund will be used to help more people in need. 

Once again, we are grateful for your support! We also thank all the first-line responders for saving lives and keeping our community safe to everyone!


Yanhong Na, President

Chinese Club of Western New York


大家好!经过为期三周的紧张筹款工作并审慎考虑当前形势后,我们决定从4月12日开始停止接受为本次”Fight with COVID-19“慈善活动提供的捐赠,同时从我们网站上取下捐赠链接。

在社区朋友热心支持下,截至4月12日晚上9点,我们收到282名捐赠人的善款共 $47,927。扣除手续费$794.78,总金额是$ 47,132.22。








COVID-19 Donation Information

To all members of Chinese Club of Western New York and friends of our community,  

Our community is under critical threat of  Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We must take action together, quickly and effectively.

We are the Chinese Club of Western New York (CC-WNY), a 501(c)(3) organization for the local Chinese community. We have access to essential medical supply from Chinese suppliers and we have contact with local hospitals, including Kaleida Health and Buffalo Medical Group. We ask for your donation, big or small, so the critical medical supply can be available to the health care professionals who are risking their lives to save us.

Please act now.

Please click the link for donation via our Paypal link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at :

Sincerely yours,

Yanhong Na, President of CC-WNY

Chinese Club of WNY donating thousands of masks to local hospitals – Buffalo News

The Chinese Club of Western New York has ordered and will distribute 14,000 masks to local doctors and hospitals due to a lack of medical supplies in the area during the coronavirus outbreak.

President of the CCWNY, Yanhong Baranski, says they have already distributed 1,000 masks for community use at Buffalo Medical Group in Williamsville. Three thousand more masks arrived on Monday and will be delivered to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

Baranski anticipates the CCWNY will have 10,000 more masks available for distribution to hospitals in the next week.

“We are Chinese, but we are also Americans and Buffalonians,” Baranski said in a statement. “We love this country and care for people here. We should not fight, we should love each other.”

This announcement comes the same day that Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz authorized the purchase of 400,000 N95 masks approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health from an international manufacturer for $1.1 million. Initial shipment of those masks is expected to be on April 11.



大家好!布法罗地区新型冠状肺炎的确诊病例在升高,很多热心华人朋友希望给布法罗本地医院捐助口罩等医疗用品。我们非常感动!联谊会在积极和布法罗地区医疗机构联系,现在已经有Buffalo Medical Group 紧缺口罩,请求支持。现在联谊会捐款通道开通,请大家在力所能及的范围内捐款。谢谢大家的支持!请大家减少外出,保护好自己和家人的健康!

请为拯救生命捐款 Please Donate to Save Lives

  • 为谁捐款? For whom?

为正在伊利县与新冠病毒战斗的医疗工作者 The health care workers in the Erie County who are fighting Noval Coronavirus (COVID-19) now.

  • 捐款怎样使用?How will you spend the fund?

我们会为他们从可靠的渠道购买紧缺的医疗物资。We will purchase critical medical supply from reliable sources for our donees。

一旦我们建立了捐赠渠道,我们会开始下单。我们会确保每笔收支的透明和每一美元的合理使用。Once we establish the channel with our donees, we will start ordering. We will make sure every transaction is transparent and every dollar is properly spent.

Please click the link for donation:

CCWNY Office


JCPA的总裁大卫·伯恩斯坦(David Bernstein)联络UCA会长薛海培,表达了对华人社区目前处境的关注,表示坚决和华人社区站在一起,反对任何形式歧视和污名化。星期一晚间,两位负责人会面互致问候,探讨华裔与犹太裔社区团结与合作的前景。伯恩斯坦表示非常欣赏UCA的使命、价值观和这些年来所做的一切,他认为我们两个社区需要进一步加强合作,共度时艰。



Dear CCWNY members,
Happy New Year!
As we enter 2020, our CCWNY team is continue to serve you and the community. A series of announcements and events will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, we need to be financially prepared for new development and maintenance. Membership fees are a fundamental part of our financial resources. Your prompt payment is deeply appreciated.
This year, we wish to make things easier for you, with three options.

  1. Chinese School Collection: If you have kids study at the Chinese school, please pay your membership fee to the school . Please follow the Chinese school instruction.
  2. Checks can be paid to our treasurer during school hours of Buffalo Chinese School (Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM during school days) at North High cafeteria. Please write your check to “CCWNY”. Chinese school address: 1595 Hopkins Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221
  3. Click here to pay online via PayPal (Chinese School parents please do not pay online)
    CCWNY Office

在步入2020年之际,联谊会团队继续为您和社区的服务。 我们会推出一系列的信息和活动。 同时,我们需要为未来的发展和维护提供财务保障。 会员的年费是我们财务资源中重要的一部分。我们非常感谢您积极参与西纽约华人联谊会并及时的付费。

  1. 中文学校代收会费:如果您的孩子在中文学校就读,请您将会费交与学校。具体做法请参照学校通知。
  2. 如果您没有孩子在中文学校就读,您可以在中文学校上课期间(中文学校开学期间周六上午9点到11点)到学校咖啡厅将支票支付给联谊会的财务。支票缴费单位请填写: CCWNY。 中文学校地址:1595 Hopkins Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221 缴纳会费前, 请先点击此处填写会员信息登记表格
  3. 网上缴费:点击此处使用PayPal网上缴费 (中文学校家长请不要在网上缴费)

会员福利 Benefits

  • 扩大您的华人社交圈 Expand your social network in the Chinese American community
  • 注册中文学校课程 Be eligible to register the classes of Buffalo Chinese School
  • 参加协会组织的各种活动,享受折扣待遇 Participate in various activities and events organized by the CCWNY and enjoy membership discount
  • 加入邮件组和微信群,分享社区信息 Join our mailing-list and WeChat group and share information with the community
    会员年费 Annual Fee
  • Family (家庭)   $50
  • Individual (个人)   $30
    Before or after you make the purchase of the membership, please click here to fill in the membership registration form






另附:联谊会下午开会讨论期间,曾致电UB和Erie County Department of Health了解情况,确认目前本地人和留学生没有感染或疑似感染武汉肺炎的病例。




亲爱的华人联谊会会员朋友们,2020年1月25日春晚演出结束后,华人联谊会和孔院联合举办大型春节晚宴。 演出结束,亲朋好友可以欢聚一堂庆祝春节
时间: 2020年1月25日 6:00-9:00pm
地点:Congregation shir shalom 4660 Sheridan drive Williamsville NY 14221.
会员子女:$25/人 (12岁以下)


Cold Platter 美味什锦冷盘
Seafood Fish Maw Soup 海皇鱼肚羹
Jumbo Shrimp With Walnut 秘制核桃虾
Crispy Whole Chicken 黄金脆皮鸡
Whole fish 桂花香鲈鱼
Braised Shittake Mashroom W. Book Choy & Sliced Abalone 翡翠香菇鲍鱼
Beef Staw W. White Radish 萝卜牛腩
Noodles 广东捞面
Steam Dumplings 美味蒸饺

2020 CCWNY and UBCI Chinese New Year Banquet Reception
Dear CCWNY members and friends,
After the Chinese New Year Gala at CFA on Jan.25, we are going to have a Chinese New Year Banquet at the Jewish Center. Please join us to celebrate Chinese New Year together!
Time: Jan/25/2020 6:00pm-9:00pm
Congregation shir shalom
4660 Sheridan drive Williamsville NY 14221.
Admission: members $35
Members ‘s kids $25
Non-members: $45

Payment link:

It’s a good for families and friends get together to celebrate Chinese New Year

CCWNY Office