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We Stopped Accepting Donation for Fighting COVID-19

Dear members and friends,

After three weeks of hard work and careful consideration of the current situation, we decide to stop accepting the donation, effective April 12th, 2020, for the fundraising event “fight with COVID-19.” The PayPal link for donation is also removed from our webpage.

With your generosity, we have raised $ 47,927 from 282 donors by 9 PM on April 12th. Net the Paypal fees of $794.78, the amount is $ 47,132.22. 

So far, we have purchased 39,500 surgical masks, 1,000 KN95 masks, 230 bottles of hand sanitizer, 60 boxes of medical gloves. We also received about 2,800 surgical masks, 240 N95 masks and a few cleaning wipes from various donors. Most of the supplies were sent to 11 hospitals, one nursing home, one police department, and one church, etc. 

We will keep the effort going,  all remaining supplies and fund will be used to help more people in need. 

Once again, we are grateful for your support! We also thank all the first-line responders for saving lives and keeping our community safe to everyone!


Yanhong Na, President

Chinese Club of Western New York


大家好!经过为期三周的紧张筹款工作并审慎考虑当前形势后,我们决定从4月12日开始停止接受为本次”Fight with COVID-19“慈善活动提供的捐赠,同时从我们网站上取下捐赠链接。

在社区朋友热心支持下,截至4月12日晚上9点,我们收到282名捐赠人的善款共 $47,927。扣除手续费$794.78,总金额是$ 47,132.22。








[10.8 更新] 重阳节敬老聚会 (Chong Yang Festival Senior Gathering) 


Chong Yang Festival Senior Gathering 


时间 Time:October 14th, Sunday, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


地点 Location:Amherst Presbyterian Church. 151 S. Youngs Rd, Amherst, NY 14231-0263


参加费用 Admission:免费 Free

Dear members and friends, we will host a senior gathering to celebrate this year’s Chong Yang Festival. All seniors and their family members or friends are welcome. We will prepare snacks and fruits, performance programs, and raffle prizes. Please register using the form above to help us prepare the food and the prizes.