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[2019 May 18] 2019华人商会商业扩展讨论会

The 2019 Chinese Chamber of Commerce Business Expansion Seminar will be held on June 23,2019. The Chamber of Commerce invited keynote speakers Brian Kulpa, Amherst Town Supervisor and Maggie Hamilton Winship, Director of Strategic Planning of Amherst to explain current and future Amherst development projects and trends!  If you would like to share your business plan or investment promotion project in the meeting, please contact the Chamber of Commerce early (member priority), we will consider it.  The chamber will also announce the progress and arrangement of the food festival at the end.

2019年华人商会商业扩展讨论会将在6月23日小尾羊举行,商会邀请了主讲人Brian Kulpa, Amherst Town Supervisor 和 Maggie Hamilton Winship,Director of Strategic Planning of Amherst来讲解目前和将来的Amherst发展项目和趋势!如果您希望在会议中展示您的商业计划或招商项目请提早与商会联系(会员优先),我们会斟酌安排。会议最后商会也会公布一下美食节的进展与安排。
活动时间(Date & Time):6/23/2019  12:00 pm to 3pm.活动地点:Little Lamb, 3188 Sheridan Dr, Amherst NY 14226门票(包午餐)ticket with Lunch:$20 会员 Member.  $30 非会员 Nonmember报名時间registration :现在至6/13/19 Now to 6/13/19报名链接 registration link:

[2019 May 3] CYC annual Easter Egg Hunt

Hi everyone!
This Saturday, May 4th, CYC will be holding the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Billy Wilson Park (1290 Hopkins Road) from 11:30am until 4:00pm. We will have the egg hunts, raffle prizes, snacks, games, and face painting. There will also be egg races, egg decorating and dying, games of tug of war, and much more! There will be two egg hunts: the first one for kids ages 5-12 at 12:30 and another for kids 13-18 at 2:30. This year, instead of a bounce house we will be giving balloons to those attending the hunt. We will also be selling pizza, snacks, and water. 
Tickets are $4 at Chinese school this Saturday and $6 at the door on Saturday at the park. 
Should the weather be an issue, a rain date is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th from 11:30-4pm. 
We hope to see you there!
Thank you for your continued support!CYC

[2019 April 19] Easter 2019

Hello all!

We are excited to announce that this year’s annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, May 4th from 11:30 am until 4:00 pm at Billy Wilson Park (close to Williamsville North High School on Hopkins Rd). We will have two separate hunts: one for children ages 5-12 starting at 12:30 pm and a second hunt from 2:30 for children ages 13-18. Raffle winners will be announced at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm. This year, tickets will be $4 pre-sale and $6 at the door on May 4th.


We will have an hour at the beginning of different stations with games and various prizes-- including raffle tickets (from 11:30 until 12:30). Along with the games, we will have a bounce house and face painting. We will also be selling pizza, snacks, and water.

If there are any issues with the weather on May 4th, the egg hunt will be postponed to the following Saturday, May 11th.

We will be selling tickets at Chinese School on Saturday, April 27th from 9:00 am until 11:00 am as well as at the egg hunt on May 4th.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:


We hope to see you there!

Thank you so much!

CYC Officers

[2019 Mar 28] CYC 2019 Election

Hello all!

We just wanted to provide a few more details about the upcoming election this Sunday, at 1pm at the Clearfield Library. 
You are eligible to run for any of the positions if you are 13 years or older, however you MUST have at least one year of experience as a CYC Officer before you can run for President! You must prepare a speech, approximately a minute or so long (although it should be fine as long as it is less than 5 minutes). The election term is one year. The positions will be voted on by the kids of CYC, so even if you don’t run, please stop by to help us decide who your next officers will be! Parents will not be allowed to vote. 
In order to run, you must first let us know by responding to us, either through WeChat or email.
Thank you all for a great year!
Anna Lin,
Sarah Jiang, Vice
Allison Li,
Leonardo Yang,
Yolanda Wang, Program

[2019 Mar 9] 2019亚洲美食文化节才艺选秀

2019亚洲美食文化节才艺选秀是为一群热爱传播亚洲文化的朋友们所准备的,希望华人社区更多的人来参与并推广西纽约首次户外亚洲美食文化节,展示在美华人风采,#Reachout 与社区内外的朋友们一起互动起来。
网上报名链接: 捐款链接:
海选时间安排: 3/8/19-3/31/19 网上提交报名信息。 4/1/19-5/17/19 提交作品视频 6/1/19-7/1/19 进行网络评比 7/1/19 宣布入围结果
西纽约华人商会WNYCCC项目执行方:怡之舞 Yi’s Dance and Fine Arts
#2019Asian Food Culture Festival Talent Show:
The 2019 Asian Food Culture Festival talent show is for a group of friends who love to spread Asian culture. I hope more people in the Chinese community will participate in and promote the first outdoor Asian food culture festival in West New York, showcasing the beauty of the Chinese, #Reachout and Friends from inside and outside the community interacted together. 
The talent show is as follows:
How to Register:
Talented and interested friends can register in the name of the unit or individual, and the team leader will contact the organizer.
Registration is free and voluntary.
The event is based on a fair and equitable attitude and all participants will participate in the election. All the selected programs will be displayed in the official window of the event. According to the number shared and liked on Facebook, the top 20 programs will be selected and the first outdoor Asian food culture festival will be presented. (Upload time does not exceed 5mins). The top 3 programs, the team leader can get a direct finalist pass in the coming year.
The patron will receive the honorary title of “Asian Cultural Ambassador” and will receive the exclusive T-shirt of the 2019 Asian Food Culture Festival.
PS: All sponsorship fees will go to the Asian Food Culture Festival special event account, not for personal use.
The organizers will give priority to programs with Asian style and elements.
Online registration link: link: schedule: 2/16/19-3/16/19 Submit registration information online. 3/16/19-5/17/19 Submit a work video 6/1/19-7/1/19 for network evaluation 7/1/19 Announced finalist results
We look forward to your joining!
Western New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WNYCCC)Project Executive: Yi’s Dance and Fine Arts

[2019 Mar 2] 2019 Membership Fee

Dear members,

Happy New Year!

As we enter 2019, we are building a new team to continue to serve you and the community. A series of announcements and events will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, we need to be financially prepared for new development and maintenance. Membership fees are a fundamental part of our financial resources. Your prompt payment is deeply appreciated.

This year, we wish to make things easier for you, with two options.

  1. Checks or cash can be paid to our treasurer during school hours of Buffalo Chinese School (Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM during school days). Write your check to “CCWNY”. Address: 1595 Hopkins Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221
  2. Click here to pay online via PayPal


CCWNY Officers 尊敬的会员们,


在步入2019之际,新的联谊会团队正在组建中,我们为您和社区的服务并未松懈。新的团队会既往不咎的为您服务!一系列的消息和活动即将推出。同时,我们需要为未来的发展和维护提供财务保障。 会员的年费是我们财务资源中重要的一部分。我们非常感谢您及时的付费。


  1. 支票或现金可以在中文学校上课期间(中文学校开学期间周六上午9点到11点)支付给我们的财务。缴纳会费前或后,请先点击此处填写会员信息登记表格
  2. 点击此处使用PayPal网上缴费



会员福利 Benefits

  • 扩大您的华人社交圈 Expand your social network in the Chinese American community
  • 注册中文学校课程 Be eligible to register the classes of Buffalo Chinese School
  • 参加协会组织的各种活动,享受折扣待遇 Participate in various activities and events organized by the CCWNY and enjoy membership discount
  • 加入邮件组和微信群,分享社区信息 Join our mailing-list and WeChat group and share information with the community

会员年费 Annual Fee

  • Family (家庭)   $50
  • Individual (个人)   $30


Before or after you make the purchase of the membership, please click here to fill in the membership registration form

[2019 Feb 23] 免费商业银行&房产贷款讲座

> 2019年度免费商业银行&房产贷款讲座
> (2019 Business Banking & Mortgage Seminar)
> 主办方:西纽约华人商会(WNYCCC)
> 主讲人:George Smilanich IV(Vice President for M&T Bank)& Melanie Swetz (Assistant Sales Manager for M&T Bank)
> 时间:2019年3月25日 6–8 PM
> 地点:M&T Bank, ‪80 Holtz Dr. Cheektowaga NY 14225‬
> Complimentary light refreshment will be served
> 负责人:Libing Wu, Zhen Jiang
> 商业银行部分主要内容和演讲人介绍:
> 商业户口、商业金融、资金管理、商家服务
> George Smilanich IV, Vice President at M&T Bank:I grew up in Amherst, NY.  I graduated from Buffalo State College with Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  I graduated from Canisius College with a MBA.  I have worked at M&T Bank for 14 years, all in the branch network.  My current role is Commercial Branch Manager of the Snyder branch
> 房产贷款部分主要内容和演讲人介绍:
> Adjustable Rate Mortgages vs Fixed Rate Mortgages:  Which product is best for you?
> Purchasing Investment Property:  What down payment should I expect?  Is there a difference for a single family vs a 2 family property?
> What is a Jumbo Mortgage:  Find out what the definition is and how this affects you as the buyer.
> Home Equity Line of Credit:    When and why should you access the available equity you have in your property.
> Melanie Swetz is the Assistant Sales Manager for M&T in Buffalo, NY.  She has been in the mortgage industry as a residential mortgage loan officer since 2002.  She has been managing the mortgage division since 2016.  Melanie has an extensive knowledge in all residential mortgage loan options.  She also works closely with the product development team in creating new mortgage products as the industry changes.  She graduated from the University at Buffalo.


[2019 Feb 12] 中国味道-2019 西纽约华人家常菜达人秀滚动播报

#中国味道-2019 西纽约华人家常菜达人秀滚动播报:

Here we go our THIRD competitor Tsz Ying Yeung!Please watch her “Fuzhou Pot Side Paste” cooking video and like! 美食秀第三位参赛者杨紫英(作品:福州锅边糊)闪亮登场!大家请为喜欢的选手点赞,点赞数最多的选手将成为冠军!


Kumon Math & Reading Center of Clearance