Fundraising for the years of 2017-2019
As of August 2018, we received the contributions from the following sponsors/donors. We thank them for the generous support to our club and community, and we encourage our members to support them as well. The fundraising is ongoing and we will continue to post new information about the process:

Asia Food Market
China Taste 中国味道
Eire Community College
An anonymous individual
Dent Dizziness, Balance & Tinnitus Center
Wok & Roll 中館
Oakway Realty LLC
America Arts INC
Eastern Pearl Restaurant
Rainbow Bridge Culture Center
Samurai Buffalo
Golden Duck 金鸭子
Amherst Buffet
Food Basket USA Company Limited
Ocean Travel
KUMO Japanese Cuisine
Jasmine Chen
Windsong Radiology Group
Amerina Health
Miller Tennis Center
Genesis Construction 创世装修
The Law Offices of Nancy W. Saia
Ling Ling Chinese Restaurant
CCWNY Officers of 2015-2017
Kumon Math and Reading Center of CLARENCE
UniverSoul Circus
Tianyi Market
Buffalo Chinese Garden Club 布法罗华人园艺俱乐部
An anonymous business
Buffalo Little Lamb
Canget BioTekpharma LLC
Frank Xu
Liya Zhou
Asa Ransom House

Donate to us via PayPal

Thank you for your donation. Please let us know your name/organization, and why you donate to us, and we will update the information on this website. For the reason to donate, for example, it can be that you do this in memory of someone in our community who helped you greatly in the past. Indeed, cultivating positive relationships is the goal.